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Overview of the Test Prep System

In three logical steps, our Test Prep System and our AYP/API system provides you with an effective way to prepare your students for the Annual State Tests.

  1. Use our Sample Test Prep questions to present material to your students. Discuss, explain, and prepare them to be able to solve the problems or to answer the sample test questions.

  2. Have your students login to our AYP/API testing system to take the sample tests. Your students will see a different set of questions every month from November through March as they prepare for the major state test.

  3. Use our AYP/API Reporting system to find areas of weakness and areas where students need more instruction.

Teachers can select reports to show the class averages or to show test scores of individual students.

Principals can print reports showing results of all grades and all topics in their school.

Superintendents can print a report showing how all of the schools in the district are performing.

So, from the classroom to the administration office, we give you the information to help you focus your resources on helping your students get higher grades. And, as required in the ARRA, to prepare them to compete globally.

Video: Take A Test

Video: View A Report

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