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Boomerang Trivia

What Is Boomerang Trivia?

We stumbled onto a great paper trivia game system. While we were visiting a gifted/talented school recently, the staff showed us a set of paper trivia games that the students use to practice for tests or for academic challenge bowls. The school had created two of these games and had printed the paper flashcards in their curriculum books.

Students Love It -- They Learn Quickly

It takes a bit of explaining, but it works well -- students work together as a class - peer pressure encourages everyone to do their best -- it only takes a few minutes to play and students learn quickly.

We Automated It to Create Lots of Games

We expanded on the idea and created an online system to help US create new Boomerang Trivia games for our customers.

Now We Make That System Available to You!

We decided to make that system available to you -- allowing YOU to create your own sets of Boomerang Trivia cards -- on any topic.

You Have Unique Questions - Questions that we Can't Create

Examples of questions that Only You can create:

  • Who is our city named after?
  • Who was the first Governor of our state?
  • Who was the first school principal of our school?
  • When was our city founded?
  • Which of our students won the geography bee in 1998?
  • What is 37 times 14?
  • Which of our students scored 58 points in one basketball game in 1982?
  • What is our school motto?
  • For God so loved the world -- what verse is this from?
  • What is the name of our school principal?

Add or Change Questions/Answers at Any Time

It only takes a few minutes for you to create a set of questions and answers. Then, using our online system, you can print the cards, cut up the cards and begin playing. Need to add or edit questions/answers? It is easy to do that.

We give you that power!

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